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50 Favorite TV Characters (in alphabetical order)

Emily Gilmore
Gilmore Girls | Kelly Bishop

“If you don’t care that you’re hurting my feelings, maybe you care that you’re wasting all your relaxing time acting like a petulant four-year-old. Do you want me to try to get myself another room? I saw a supply closet down the hall. Maybe my masseur could finish me in there. Or perhaps I could just roll myself against a stucco wall, eliminate the need for a masseur altogether.”

Gilmore Girls Genderswap | suggested by an anon

"Hey, I have kind of a crazy idea."
"Those are never comforting words coming from you."

Jon Hamm as L. Gilmore
Hunter Parrish as R. Gilmore
You’re only, what, 5’ 9”, 5’ 10”? And you still have a hard time finding actors who can do a scene with you at eye level?
Lauren: I’m 5’ 9”, and yes, it’s been difficult. I’m pretty sure we went through all the tall guys on Gilmore Girls. I dated all of them. I saw Jon Hamm at the Emmies the other day, and I was like, “You know you owe it all to me.” He played the most thankless boyfriend on Gilmore Girls, a date that never really happens. And I remember thinking at the time, “What is this gorgeous tall guy doing without his own TV show?”

After things didn’t work out with Lorelai, he went back in time to the 60s and became an alcoholic who works in advertising.
Lauren: That’s right. And he really cheats on his wife. Lorelai must’ve wrecked him. He’s still heartbroken.

(Vanity Fair; September 10, 2010)
Ugh, I hate having a cold. It’s bad enough being sick, but anybody can have a cold. I mean, I’d like to have a good illness, something different, impressive. Just once I’d like to be able to say, “Yeah, I’m not feeling so good, my leg is haunted.”
- Lorelai Gilmore (via intoyoursunlight) (via daynawashere)
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