Tina Fey in 2001

Tina Fey was the first celebrity out of her seat after “Modern Family” won the last Emmy of the night and Jimmy Kimmel threatened to continue the show for another hour.


“I just found the gayest table and sat down, and I was calling it ‘The Table of Judgement.’ I was just sitting there judging people, having fun. Then Tina Fey joined me, and I just love her and I just love 30 Rock, and so we were judging people and that was really fun…

…But that’s such a Hollywood thing, to say congratulations and have people just say thank you. So I decided to kind of make a parlor game out of it, so I suggest you guys try this, it’s really fun. People are such assholes in Hollywood that I went to every single person at the party, and I practiced it, and I said congratulations, and except Tina Fey, every single person there went, ‘Thank you,’ and Tina Fey goes, ‘For what?’”

-Kathy Griffin, Suckin’ It For The Holidays

#congratulations on your everything obviously

Community, 3x04 Remedial Chaos Theory| 3x10 Regional Holiday Music

The worst thing, the most pretentious thing that someone can say to me, and it happens to me so often even though people know I make my living in writing, is “oh, I don’t own a television.” And they say it so smugly, as though they’re so classy and educated and busy, and I just don’t understand that. I was watching, like, the making of Rubicon the other day, and I was like, “this is amazing!”
- Mindy Kaling (via charlotte-charles) (via fuckyeahmindy)
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